Monday, September 29, 2008

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there ....

I was able to take a break yesterday from working on Job Market stuff, so Christine and I did what we usually do....we went for a walk and looked for birds. We went to one of our normal jaunts, Nine Springs E-way and found that there was a Madison Audubon Society event going on. It was nice to see other birders out and about. Most of them commented on us going birding with two little ones...little do they know. Talking with them is a reminder that you do not have to see rare birds for it to be a success, but seeing something does make it better. We did get many photo opportunities, but I did get a very up close look at a Marsh Wren and a American Woodcock. It was the first Marsh Wren that I could positively identify in the field, so in that sense it was a great walk.

Now to the title....while we were walking we happened to be in the right spot at the right time to witness a squirrel falling 20 feet out of a tree. A squirrel was chasing another, but must have missed a branch on the leap between trees. Christine and I were both completely shocked and questioned what we just saw. The little guy was a bit slower getting back into the tree to look at us afterwards. Hmm, I guess everyone makes mistakes even if it is at something you are good at.

Anyways, on to the kids’ updates since I know that is what everyone is really hoping for. Danielle's head control is improving quickly. While it is still a bit shaky, she will pick up her head to look at you while on her belly. We may are enabling another kid to have sleeping problems, Danielle will grunt and groan until Christine brings her from the bassinet into bed with us. Christine's smell is enough to put Danielle back to sleep.

Michaela is still struggling with words, but is trying to repeat things back to us. Out for a walk she took to Catbird, and repeatedly tried to tell us it was one whenever she heard any bird in the bush. While Michaela still enjoys watching birds fly (luckily there were large flocks of redwing blackbirds, geese, and sandhill cranes), she is more intrigued by airplanes flying overhead.

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