Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nice to be back home

I was able to go duck hunting with Chandler, Dad, Matt, and Nick in North Dakota this past weekend. I appreciated being able to ride the train from Madison to Fargo rather than drive the 500 miles, even if I did not sleep very well on it. The ducks were not very abundant, but everyone got shooting and I know that I had fun. Nick was the only one that filled his waders this trip, but he had dry clothes to put on at least. We split wood, shot at ducks, played some cards, and hopefully made good memories.

As much as I enjoyed the hunting trip itself, the best part about it for me was that four days away from home reminded of how great I have it. Being away from Christine for just a few days is a great way for me to realize how lucky I am to have her as my wife. The girls are at the age where three four days can seem like an eternity, I think that they changed in the time I was gone.

Michaela decided to turn the night-light on last night after reading our bedtime story. I am a bit worried that she will not sleep as well with it on, but that is only based on last night of her talking and reading in her room at 1:30am. Rather than snuggling and going back to bed she wanted a clean diaper and to stay up...oh well.

Danielle is smiling so often it is awesome. As many of you noted on Danielle's first smiling post, it may have been gas at first but now she is cooing and smiling back at us regularly. Unfortunately Danielle also has the explosive diapers right now, but it is still great being home.

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Micah said...

Could she BE any cuter? No, she could not.