Monday, January 12, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I realize that often I feel busier and more overwhelmed than I really am by failing to take the time to step back, appreciate the situation, and reassess what I am feeling. Tonight after reading a Grimm's fairy tale to Michaela I tried to do just that, I have tried to take a step back and appreciate the situation.

Danielle is sleeping on Christine, while Christine is able to watch a CSI Miami episode. Michaela is not likely in her bed, but at least is sleeping. And I am alone to do whatever I feel like, and rather than work I am on the computer looking at pictures.

We take allot of digital pictures, with the vast majority taken in the past two years since buying a D80 around Michaela's birth. I quick check on our computer reveals that we have over 22k pictures on our computer, the largest portion of which 6k are of people and most often of Michaela and Danielle. I continually fall behind in editing and deleting pictures from trips in which we get to visit family and all the pictures of our girls with them. Just tonight finally finished pictures from a Halloween get together at Wisconsin Dells.

Perhaps not surprising considering our latest craze and addiction to birding, is that we have almost nearly as many bird pictures on our computer, 5K. Many of these pictures are not "keepers" but rather pictures which served a documentation purpose. It is much easier studying a stationary picture of a bird and comparing it to bird books after the fact, rather than trying to recall things such as the tail shape and/or the color of the a certain part. As a result of feeling busy I often do not take the time to deleting these pictures, instead only editing the best of what we have at the time.

Case and point, our latest bird that we were able to watch white-winged crossbills. On Sunday all of us went to a local cemetery and found a flock of them feeding in the pine trees. The girls were not very cooperative, but then again neither were the birds. It was fun seeing them and watching them eat, and unfortunately this the best picture we got.

So even though the picture is not a keeper and one that we will print in either a calendar nor note-card, it is the best we have right now. As such I went through deleted twenty pictures and kept a handful. It is so much easier deleting bird pictures than it is deleting pictures of your daughters and/or family.

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aubsak said...

It's so wonderful looking at any new pictures you post!! Its fun remembering what a great time we had that weekend all together.