Friday, February 6, 2009

A week in review

A week in review...time to purge my thoughts and share with others.

Saturday - Sunday: My parents made a mad dash to Madison for Michaela's birthday. The time together was brief but nice. Michaela enjoys the new presents and toys immensely. She got sick however, we think from the spinach tortellini, throwing up on Saturday night. She felt better on Sunday but remained clingy and obviously tired throughout the day.

Monday: Michaela's two year check-up went well. The clinic was temporarily out of the scheduled vaccine, so no shots during the appointment. Michaela was still sick, so she did not like letting Doctor Deb check her out...but all was fine. Christine dropped me off at school after the doctor's appointment and I spent the rest of the day searching job postings and submitting more applications.

Tuesday: Michaela was still sick, so we skipped her swim lesson that night. She will be able to make it up anytime during the remainder of the session when there is a open slot.

Wednesday: I received a call letting me know the decision from my first flyback. They made an offer to someone else. My mind went into overdrive and I can honestly say it did not include the best of thoughts. Christine is a great wife, as I do not know how she is able to put up with me always.

Thursday: I spent the day at school thinking about job outlooks and the overall process rather than actually getting any research done. As a labor economist I realize there are only good/bad employer/employee fits and not good/bad jobs. I feel that I would be a very good fit at this specific flyback, but if my employment there is to happen it will hinge first on another job candidates rejection of their initial offer. I cannot dwell in the past, as I need to get prepared for a different upcoming flyback.

Friday: I was not able to sleep, so I watched a couple of movies and woke up early. Rather than go to school I spent the day trying to reset my mind. I stayed home this morning making blueberry pancakes for my women, and then I went birding during the middle of the day. Would anyone like to speculate whether this bird is a female lesser scaup or female greater scaup, or if this bird is a common or hoary redpoll? These were the questions on my mind today, a much needed relief from other topics. The weather finally warmed up, so it was a great to be outside.

Christine bought a double stroller today, and we all went for a walk late this afternoon. We picked up a complementary smoothie from Smoothie King and Michaela's birthday ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. We stopped to get groceries also, and made it home in time for a spaghetti supper prior to Michaela's bed time.


Anonymous said...

Waiting is often really hard. The right job at the right place will happen at the right time! So please don't be discouraged. Good thoughts to you and am so glad you sepdn the day pampering your family and yourself!
Love Ya, Steph

aubsak said...

I can tell I'm super tired and sick; your blog brought tears to my eyes. Waiting and patience are VERY tough as is a positive attitude when it just doesn't go the way you want it to. We love you VERY MUCH and have no option but to trust that God has a plan. Don't lose heart!

Malcolm said...

Sorry for the depressing posting, I really don't want to pass along my gloom to anyone. Optimism is not me normal tendency, but right now it is almost a necessity.