Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Migration Fallout

This past weekend we spent a good portion of each day outside walking and birding. The weather was fairly cooperative as was birding. Saturday morning there were showers and the chilly afternoon winds coincided with a migration fallout across much of Southern Wisconsin. This caused birds to come to the ground and feed. We were at a local park and saw the most warblers in any one place and time. There were easily over 500 warblers as well as vireos, thrushes and sparrows. The wind was perfect, pushing and congregating the birds along a lake. This made for great viewing and many photographic opportunities of birds already previously seen as well as completely new birds. It was great to be outside! Here are three pictures from that day...I bet we took nearly 300 times that many though.

First time seeing a Cape May Warbler!!

Most thrushes, including this Veery are almost never this cooperative for picture taking.

This Yellow-throated Vireo was nice and close.

After the long walk Michaela was ready to get to the slide.

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