Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...To Me!

This Mother's Day was special for me as not only did we have Mike and Cindy here this weekend, but I got my fence put in. I have been contemplating fencing in our backyard ever since we moved in, especially since Michaela's favorite thing to do is run around the house as fast as she can. We tend to have fairly fast drivers on Weber Avenue and it has worried me that they may decide to run on to the only takes once.

So, after many hours of work and some hard labor from Malcolm and Mike and me "helping" we have a great fence. We were also extremely fortunate that our neighbors had enough chain link fence that they were not going to use so we didn't even have to haul it across town! So, thank you Eric and Diana for your generosity.

Thanks to Grandma Gold for taking some pictures as well, once again we forgot to take any. The girls loved the whale that arrived in the car trunk on Saturday.

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Cindy said...

I agree Christine, I think that was the best Mother's Day present ever. It awesome for you, the girls, and Malcolm too that the girls will have the run of the back yard. We loved the visit, just wish it could have been longer. Love, Mom