Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Park Rapids Cabin

After the wedding and time in Staples with Aubrey, Steve, and Abi we went north to Park Rapids to Kallevig's cabin. On the way I got a phone call to enter my spring semester grades. Somehow I forgot to enter them, but luckily the Park Rapids library opened to let me enter them online. Lisa and Elizabeth drove up to spend the day with us and John arrived for supper and cards. Later on in the week Dan, Renee and kids were also there with Christine and the girls.

The girls like the pontoon rides, with Danielle even falling asleep on Grandpa's lap one time. Michaela really enjoys time with Elizabeth. These two can be very entertaining to watch.

The weather was gorgeous and we also had time to go for some walks. Having leisurely time with a camera and no kids was greatly appreciated. I sat in the flower patch with a macro lens and saw this Snowberry Clearwing Moth as well as Silvery Blue and Arctic Skipper Butterflies.

Christine and I also saw a few birds while in Park Rapids. Christine caught this Great-crested Flycatcher singing while I napped one afternoon. We also upgraded our pictures of a Pine Warbler and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Along with the Wilson's Snipe that we saw on the way to the wedding, the Upland Sandpiper driving to Canada, the Northern Goshawk driving back from Canada, and Whip-poor-will heard while in Canada we had a fairly birdy trip.

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