Friday, June 17, 2011

Camping at Green Bay

On Saturday we took the Jeep and pop-up trailer and headed for Green Bay for a weekend of camping and parks. Weather forecasts were good and we delayed the leave by one day as Danielle had a mild temperature on Friday.

After setting up the camper at Bay Shore Campground we visited Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and Amusement Park. A variety of animals and rides made for a wonderful evening. The girls enjoyed trying the different rides immensely, staying up until 10pm, seeing the nice sunset pictured above, and sleeping in the camper! Below are a few pictures from Saturday.

Everyone did wonderful sleeping in the camper, as Christine and I shared a sleeping bag each with one of the girls. After playing at the campground park Sunday morning we visited the New Zoo. We think the girls liked the playgrounds more than the animals, but we all enjoy hearing Kevin from Up in person (Yes he is pictured below). The girls enjoyed Bay Beach so much we returned again in the afternoon for more birds (Goldeneye, Pintail, and Pelican) as well as more rides.

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Aubrey said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful family weekend! Happy Fathers Day Malcolm! Hope all was successful with the garage sale as well!