Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blackberries, Blackberries and more Blackberries!

So, I have to say, yes I am jealous of Oregon's coast, but truthfully I am really jealous of their wait I mean weeds. Yes, that is right, in Oregon blackberry bushes are considered a nuisance or rather a weed. They actually spray to kill them...ugh..I hate you a little Oregon! To make up for this, I decided that we absolutely needed to take advantage of the blackberry bushes just a block away from Aubrey & Stephen's. I am not sure how many times exactly we went blackberry picking in the week or so we were there but I would think at least 5 :) I made all sorts of blackberry recipes, some good, some could have definately used improvement, but I loved it all. I even made Blackberry Jam...yum!

Here are some pics of the berry picking fun:

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Blog updates, love the pics and all the memories. Cindy