Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Caption Suggestions Part 2

As many of you know we edit almost all of our pictures, mostly correcting only for white balance, exposure, and other minor changes. Sometimes however we get more inspired within photoshop and try to make the picture either a bit more interesting or give it a creative feel. That is the case with the past two tiger pictures taken at the Henry Vilas Zoo here in Madison two weeks ago. There is a glass plane between the tiger and the girls in each picture as well as a dark edge between the panes of glass. To make it less apparent that a window exists I took out that dark edge in both pictures (You can see what I mean in the picture below!). In the one above I also selected the tiger and the girls separately to make them lighter and match closer to the background, which was not even close to the way it looked in the original out of camera without using a flash.

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