Thursday, April 9, 2009

That DARN Key!

After a year Christine found the bike lock key today......yes....THAT key. The one that Michaela took into the kitchen and failed to return with after only a minute. We then spent an hour looking for it to no avail, and then took Michaela into the emergency room for an X-ray to make sure she didn't swallow it. Even though our guess was confirmed with the X-ray, it still serves as a reminder of how quick things can change and how BAD of parents we can become with one quick action.

Here is the culprit.

It was under the refrigerator after all.


Aubrey said...

Oh my heavens!!!!!! You're not bad parents!!!!! Those are standard kid things. Mom made me poop out the penny I ate without a trip to the MD. Ha ha ha ha ha. BTW, Thanks for the Peeps! :) I've never actually eaten one so it's high time I have that life experience. Enjoy Gma & Gpa Gold there for Easter! Love you guys TONS!

cindy gold said...

Are you doing spring cleaning? Last time I moved our refrig I found a $20 gift certificate from 2006,OOPS. Glad you finally have confirmation that Michaela didn't really swallow the key. See you in about 12 hours. Love Mom