Monday, August 3, 2009

Week in review

I hope a list suffices for last week.

1. On Wednesday I finally finished drafts of my papers.

2. Later that day we went for a walk and Michaela posed a couple of times for Christine.

3. We used our Olbrich Gardens membership for the last time on Thursday, it expired at the end of the month. Not as many pictures of butterflies this time, but Michaela loves her ladybug boots!

4. We closed on the house Friday. Not any complications just an early drive. We cleaned the carpets and took some measurements. Even though the move is not for a couple of weeks I am already thankful for wonderful family! I hope all goes well with a deck and the move.

Michaela loved the new house, especially her big girl bed and the stairs. We picked up green sheets for her twin bed frame, and she already met two neighbor dogs.

5. On the way back to Madison on Saturday we stopped at Baxter's Hollow. I have not been out birding too often, once last weekend with Rich when he was in town but almost a month before that. The girls were going to sleep, but after Danielle woke up Christine had them both on. I had to take a picture of that. We did not see much but it was nice being outside.

6. Michaela's excitement from the new house might have turned into a fever. She was sick Saturday, culminating with an ugly night of medication and not much sleep. She felt much better Sunday and was much more normal.

On to this week....only a couple more and I might find my head which feels like it has been chopped off for a while.


Aubrey said...

It was WONDERFUL chatting with you guys yesterday morning! We're so excited for all the big changes coming up in your life; we'll be praying for peace, calm and of course patience as you undertaking everything and defend your paper this week!

Rachel said...

Such beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls! Thanks so much for the bday card. :) Good luck with your move!