Monday, August 10, 2009

Where does the time go

Another week and I realize even the changes and memorable moments in our life I have not shared them on the blog. I'll try not to make a habit of lists, but I really should be formatting the rest of my dissertation instead of this right and need to keep it short.

1. Michaela to bed by herself!! She woke up at 6 Saturday morning asking for daddy, but I was already at school (results were not as robust as I had hoped). Michaela crawled into bed with Christine and Danielle, a rare event in itself. Danielle was too noisy, grunting in her restlessness which bothered Michaela. Christine offered up a suggestion, "Since you are tired, grab your blanket and go lay down in your bed." To Christine's amazement Michaela did just that and slept until 8:30.

2. Danielle is a climbing fool without any fear. Give her the chance and she will climb anything. I found her on the top of the chest in Michaela's room this weekend, arriving there after climbing the small rocking chair first. She was begging for someone to come get her, because of course it is easier going up than it is coming back down.

3. We move on Friday. I'm sure Christine can tell you, with two kids around while you are trying to pack it feels like you have a ton of stuff. Hopefully it will all fit in one big truck, if not we can always get another load on Saturday. I am not sure if I can say thank-you enough to all the people who will be helping. We sold our D80, it served us well since Michaela's birth and we were happy to have the extra camera for Derek and Kali's wedding....but three cameras is at least one too many for our normal usage.

4. People of Nine Springs Golf course (Sam and Marie in particular) have brightened our life for the past six years while in Madison. On Saturday many of the regulars gathered for ice cream and cake in our honor and Christine and I were able to play a round together while Sherry watched the girls.

5. Writing an acknowledgement can improve your mood dramatically. I seemed to have forgotten many of my graduate study struggles while writing one for the dissertation.


Aubrey said...

FYI: Thinking about you guys often this week with all that's going on!!! Hope everything goes smoothly. Wish I was there to help. Love you tons!

Aubrey said...

Happy belated Anniversary! Did you celebrate your 8 years on Tuesday? :)

Micah said...

Ahhh! I can't believe you guys moved without calling us to help you!! We owe you BIG TIME for helping us, and here I am, a day too late! Brad can't do any lifting, but if there's anything that I can do (I'm pretty strong, don't forget!), please call or e-mail and let me know!