Friday, January 15, 2010

Grandma, Grandpa, Three Shirts, & a Furlough

I hope everyone had a safe holiday season and a happy new year. It has been a while since we posted. Christine stayed in MN with the girls for an extended visit. Another week remains before Spring semester but I've had too many meetings, deadlines, and new preps to get done comfortably in a short amount of time.

So, this post is mostly about Michaela and how she helped me take a break.

Michaela has been missing family since returning to Marshfield on Sunday. She woke up Wednesday crying and wanting to visit Elizabeth. We had a short talk about how wonderful it is to visit family, but that it is a long drive and that we cannot drive back and forth every day even though it would be great if we could. Michaela liked the idea of sending Elizabeth a card so Christine assisted and we got one in the mail.

Thursday Michaela woke up crying for Grandma and Grandpa. She was not very specific to which one or what she wanted to do, nor did I ever find out, as that topic quickly changed when she threw-up on me while walking up the stairs. Michaela started crying, not because she threw-up, but because she made a mess on my sweater and her pajamas. A quick wash and 20 minutes of snuggling and I thought she was in the clear. She was watching TV on the couch when it came up a second time.....cottage cheese from the night before.....but not like you imagined! It was very solid and looked like it may have hurt coming out. Anyways, that mostly came out on the second sweater for the day leading me to grab a third shirt and requiring Michaela to get her hair washed. She cried harder getting her hair washed than anyone other time that morning. By the end of this ordeal it was already lunch time and I decided to stay home and take a furlough day. I am mandated to take one before next semester started a day at home was what the doctor ordered.

It was a welcomed break and awesome to spend time with all three of my girls. I am not sure how Christine can keep her sanity with them all day, Michaela doesn't like being outside in the cold but also goes stir crazy inside...even when sick. We are definitely missing the open gyms and children's museum in Madison this winter. By the end of the day Michaela modeled Christine's wedding ring as a toe ring, decided that they should ride her new horse, and Danielle and Michaela played hard before they stripped off their clothes and ran to take a bath.


Micah said...

We're going a little stir-crazy here, too! Let's all remember: winter WILL come to an end! :)
I love the new pictures--the girls look so old (not to mention adorable)!

Aubrey said...

Such vivid cottage cheese description... :) BTW Michaela has expensive taste in toe ring jewelry! Hope she's feeling better and that Danielle doesn't get it!