Tuesday, July 7, 2015


So you already know from the previous two posts that we saw many of the main Yellowstone attractions and camped at Norris campground, so this blog post is mostly photos with only a bit of story.

Lower Falls of Yellowstone

We visited Artist Point viewing the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. The girls enjoyed it, but after seeing Gibbon Falls and Tower Falls they were less impressed than I had expected. Perhaps this is a location where one's memory grows in time and seeing others' photos of the same location.... we'll have to wait and see. 

The top photo is my favorite of the trip, the bottom two will need some help from Photoshop once we return home.

Old Faithful

Yellowstone is know for the geothermal activity, with over a quarter of the entire world's geyser viewable from the Old Faithful Lodge and visitor center. The tallest geyser in the world is just north of this location at the Norris basin. The girls thoughts can be heard on the video below.

Christine and I would have preferred to visit Yellowstone the first week of June or earlier, but schedules put us here in July. The main drawback of mid summer can be seen on this picture

Hot Springs

We quickly squeezed in a stop at Mammoth Terrace the first night, then walked Fountain Paint Pot basin the second day.


Other Stops

Petrified Tree and Tower were quick stops the first day...ice cream at the second of course in 80+ weather.


Lastly, the major draw for us is wildlife.

Danielle's photos of a Mule Deer and Grizzly Bear are on top, another Mule Deer and Elk below.

Michaela hiked a good part of Mt Washburn with Christine while Danielle and I stopped earlier. Luckily it gave me an opportunity to look at butterflies. The best photo is below, but the other two unidentified butterflies can be seen here and here.   


Ravens, Juncos and Sparrows were common....butterflies were left unidentified.

For even more of our trip watch Michaela's reaction to being in the cave as the lights are turned off while in the Black Hills.

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