Monday, March 2, 2009

A new start with a new month?

Does anyone else ever feel like you need to get out of a funk and get back to your normal life? I have in a funk for way too long, thinking about jobs and nothing else is depressing. I did have two campus interviews last week at UW Wood County and UW Marathon County, both small colleges in central Wisconsin affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Colleges system. I enjoyed each campus faculty and hope that the job search will come to an end soon, allowing me to work on my dissertation full time once again.

We went swimming last night at the YMCA. Michaela enjoyed hanging on to as many noodles as possible. When they were not around the balls caught her eye and were the objects of desire. Danielle did well in the water with no fussing.

Everyone is sick in the apartment now. Michaela and Danielle started to get sick on Tuesday, with runny noses, nasty coughs, and overall aches. They both seem to be a bit better as they are able to sleep a while at night without crying anymore. Christine and I have it now, so plenty of bad smells and aches in the apartment currently.

Based on last month, I hope this month brings; warmer weather and a few birds, health kids that sleep through the night, and a job offer with my peace of mind.

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Aubrey said...

Can I just say I REALLY miss you guys? A job and peace of mind are sure on my prayer list for you!!!!