Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend of June 22nd and 23rd

This past weekend Michaela and Danielle went and stayed at Grandpa Dan and Linda's cabin in as I went fishing with Grandpa Mike in Canada.  Dan and Lilly joined us on the trip, and we broke the long drive into two days as we spent the first night at Grandpa Mike's before dropping all three girls off at the cabin on our way north.

The girls get along great. They enjoyed their time swimming at the lake, snuggling together eating popcorn, and golf cart rides.  

A painted turtle caught their attention at the cabin and received a ride on the trampoline with them one day.  An extra bonus was that Michaela and Danielle were able to spend time with their extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Two weeks ago Christine joined my mother and aunts on a 2500 mile road trip to Connetictut and surprised family. 

My sister flew in and joined them for half the days.  From the brief trip reports I have got from mom and Christine, it sounds like they immensely enjoyed their trip and time visiting.  Along the way they stopped at Niagra, Boston, looked at flowers, visited historical sites and in Conneticut they went to the coast, watched softball, and Tessa's graduation!
Monday the three girls, Dan and I left the cabin and returned home to find mom waiting for us. Michaela, Danielle, and Christine have spent the past 20 hours together telling stories and slowly getting back into our daily routine.  It has been tough to figure out whether the girls missed mom less or more than how much mom missed the girls.  Now we are planning the rest of the summer, trying to get as much in as we can with the available time.  We'll try to keep everyone posted as we go.

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