Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A week in the life of Michaela & Danielle: June 17th 2013

The girls woke up this morning rested and happy.  They seemed to be quite content around the house, even turning down the opportunity to go catch dragonflies at the Farmer's Park.  I believe they were looking for a slower day after their busy Father's Day.

As such we snuggled on the couch and watched the last two hours of Heidi, which we had started a couple of days before.  Michaela asked allot of questions during the movie, but two stuck out in my mind, "Why is Heidi an Orphan?" and "Why does the the grandfather's feeling of guilty?" 

Frozen corn dogs and pizza were not much of a meal, but at least Michaela the red sauce pizza.  Around noon I asked the girls if they wanted to go to Whitewater, but they still wanted to stay home. Instead we ended up calling Christine and the girls took turns passing the phone back and forth, talking to everyone possible on the other end.

With library items due back tomorrow we watched The Owls of Ga'Hoole. The feisty little screech is a great character! Once the second movie of the day was finished I convinced the girls we had to go outside. We loaded a foul smelling garbage container of yard waste from the past winter to drop off at the Lewiston compost site. Danielle didn't want to come and wouldn't smile for the camera, even though she liked the camouflaged Army Van we let pass us on the way there.

We stopped at KwikTrip on our way home, and I forgot the second half of the promised snack & drink. The girls quickly found $0.99 bug juice at their eye level and I gave them $5 to go pay.  I was finishing up at the ATM when Michaela came running up asking for more money, what?! (I was confused and even asked the attendants why it was so much.) The girls had switched their selection to chocolate milk with a monkey straw ($3.19 each!), and luckily I did not give them enough money to buy two. In the above picture Michaela is caught red handed in a Bigfoot pose drinking her sister's Fruit Punch having already finished her Lemon Lime drink.

Michaela and Danielle were anxiously waiting the babysitters arrival. As we waited, the neighbor kids came over to play and Michaela took pictures of newly blooming flowers.  I went birding a couple of hours, and when I came home the girls asked for the babysitter to stay longer.  It is great having someone to watch the girls that they enjoy so much. 


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