Monday, June 17, 2013

A week in the life of Michaela & Danielle: June 16th 2013

In August Christine and I will have been married twelve years.During these years we've had a number of friends in the six different locations we have lived. We are truly blessed with the friendship of Dan, Michelle, and Lilly.  If I had taken their friendship for granted int the past at all, Father's Day 2013 will be in my memory for a while.  Christine has been gone the past week and they gave me a much needed break, even though they were both called into work on a Sunday!

The girls were exhausted yesterday and slept until the alarm went off at 8:30.  We got ready for the day and met them at Cedar Valley Golf Course for brunch.  There was a wide variety of food and all three girls tried hot tea, but not much was actually drank. 

Michelle took Michaela, Danielle, and Lilly to the La Crosse Children's Museum while Dan and I played a round of golf.  Michelle even took a couple of pictures to email Christine, know that she would be missing her girls.  My golf game is not very impressive anymore, but the weather was wonderful and 18 holes that I've never played before.

We picked up the Jeep from the mechanics, which now has the back brake lines replaced! We made a couple of errands in town and had hot dogs, bratwurst, and cauliflower for supper at their place. The girls have settled into a routine at night, with Danielle falling asleep in our bed first, a pillow between them as a placeholder for me later in the night, and Michaela hopping in our bed afterwards.

I hope all of our friends, family, and fathers had a wonderful day regardless of where they are.  Hopefully no one gets lost in Boston!

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