Friday, July 12, 2013

Return to summer

At the start of July we visited Kansas City over three days and found a place to live next month and then we enjoyed the 4th holiday with friends in southern Wisconsin.  I'll get those photos and story up later, but for the time being today was a return a normal summer day after four days of working on a book project.  

The past few days ave been hot, humid, and windy.  We cleaned the house for a showing that fell through and then spent the afternoon in town.  After this move we will have moved three times in 48 months, and hopefully this time we will be able to quickly determine where boxes go when we unload.  We picked up colored tape to wrap around the top of each box, with a different color for each room in the apartment. Hopefully this will reduce the number of times Christine get asked "Where does this box go?" when we unpack.  How do you coordinate and increase efficiency when packing, moving, and unpacking?  

It is hard to believe 100 people were there from this photo shopped picture!
After the quick shopping trip we went swimming at Lacanne Park in Winona.  We've been to the park before to fly kites, bird, school gatherings, and bike rides but today was the first time swimming. Michaela likes to go underwater and pick things up, but is still working on swimming more than 5 feet without a life jacket.  Danielle is just brave enough to get her eyes wet. Here are a few photos from this afternoon, much like last summer with a new adventure every week.

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