Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A quick family visit

Steph, Jordan, and Kelsie showed up Sunday while we were watching the skateboarders from the top of the bluff. We had a nice visit while everyone got ready to head into town, where we went kayaking. Below are additional pictures to the previous post. It was the first time kayak for these three and they all did great.

It's all smiles here, but somehow they disappeared after running into shore!

After we switched into dry clothes we stopped by Galvin Heights for a overlook of the town. We often fail to ask others to take family pictures, but luckily we remembered on this day.

The kids played great together. Jordan and Kelsie had more than enough energy to keep up with Michaela even though she gets into a delirious hyper state of mood when people visit.

I tried to have Michaela and Danielle hang on the branch, but they could only last a second or too. Jordan and Kelsie did much better and got a ride when I jumped on {bringing their feet to the ground} and let go {pulling them back up into the air}.

The kids are great and our girls were very sad when they left. Tonight Danielle hopped on my lap and told me "I remember them, they are really nice and played with us."

Thanks for the visit!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the great photos and I'm so happy Steph and the grandkids made the trip to your place. L, Mom