Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Stockton Bucket List - Hiking the bluff behind our house

Shortly after learning that we would be moving this summer, Christine and I talked about the things we wanted to do before leaving Stockton. The next couple of posts are just a couple of ideas that came out of that conversation.

When the Kallevig family visited two years ago some of them hiked the bluff behind our house. Michaela went with, but only made it about half way up. She remembers doing it before and has been asking to do so this past week. On Sunday we decided to see how far we could get.

Christine and the girls were patiently waiting for me to come out of the house and snapped this picture before the hike got too vertical. You can see the altitude difference in the pictures by looking at the size of our house.

It didn't take long however before the hill became steep enough that the girls asked for help, receiving a bit from each of us. Christine thinks I'm a bit of a softy however, as I ended up carrying both of the girls for a short while on the way up and way down.

Finding a toadlet was a good excuse to slow down and take another picture.
The view on top was great, as we could see almost all of the houses in the little subdivision.

Stockton, Minnesota

Downtown Stockton is actually right in the middle of the photo above Rollin Sunset Dr, the one most easily seen in the photo.


We took a few pictures of each other on top to remember it by and took a breather, enjoying the wonderfully cool summer day.

We saw some neighbor kids enjoying the hills of the subdivision with their skateboards. They rode down the hill a handful of times as we watched and no one took a spill. Their method of returning to the top of the hill gave Christine and I a good chuckle.

About the time we were ready to start back down the hill Steph pulled into our yard. Luckily the note on the garage told her where we were at and we were able to wave to someone down below. Their wonderful visit coincided with another of our bucket list items, and the post will follow.

FYI - No snakes were seen on the hike even though they were in both of our minds!

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Aubrey said...

Great photos! way to soak up the memories!