Monday, February 28, 2011

Cultural Fair

This past Saturday we attended the Cultural Fair (Click on link to open video in Google Docs) on the UW Marshfield/Wood County campus. The girls enjoyed story time, the puppet shows, face paints, puzzles, the camel, and of course ran wild through campus. It was wonderful seeing many coworker families in attendance!

Countertop at the Gold House

With a sunshine filled day it is easy to think of upcoming spring, but today I was reminded of Christmas. You may ask how so...well here is a picture!

No this is not the recipe for a major party, rather it is the next round of Vanilla! If you would like more vanilla this coming year for Christmas save the bottle, we'll fill them back up!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Raspberries, Blueberries, & Strawberries

After eating last night Michaela and Danielle wanted to play. A bit of hide and seek, horse rides, and piggy piles quickly turned to tickling. My whiskers serve as a perfect tickling tool, when I nuzzle into either of the girls necks and blow a raspberry they giggle, squirm, and laugh. Michaela was jealous when I did first did this to Danielle, so of course I obliged her and tickled her as well. But then, they decided to turn on me as a team and blow raspberries on my stomach. Michaela would say, "Blow Raspberries" and Danielle would repeat it. After a couple of rounds each I realized Danielle was saying "Blowing Blueberries" instead.

Clarifying that fruit is not equivalent vocabulary to making a weird noise with your mouth is challenging!

Danielle tried to change what she was saying, but would alternate between raspberries and blueberries. After another 30 seconds I heard "blowing strawberries" coming from her as well. Of course Michaela, Christine and I chuckled about that...only to find out after the fact that blowing a raspberry is the same as blowing a strawberry! Who new?! If Danielle was old to know her wisdom I bet she would be getting the last chuckle still today.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What to do when the to-do list is long

My semester is in its fourth week, with my accelerated hybrid class halfway done tomorrow night. I am unfortunately already back into a semester's routine, which I am slowly noticing as being unhealthy to the rest of my life. Case and point, only last month did I finish editing Christmas 2009 pictures. We have nearly a year and half of pictures yet to be archived and edited.

Fortunately for me we've been busy during the past weekends, which has forced me to stay away from work. A month ago the Friends of the Mead had their annual meeting and the girls visited Mobly the Owl.

The past two weekends we've went to Stevens Point and got a membership to the Children's Museum. The girls have enjoyed their time there, and with it only being an hour away the Museum is a wonderful place to get out and play on cold or rainy days. Here is a video of our trip two weekends ago.

Two weeks ago both Grandparents visited for Michaela's birthday. The girls especially enjoy the extra days of attention from them. Between play dates, neighbor girls, and friends visiting the girls seem to be very busy. If anyone wants to see some photos, we've uploaded old photos from a year ago, new photos from the past couple of months, and some photos from in between including the summer trip.