Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We hope that everyone had a safe and merry Christmas and wish everyone safe travels for the remainder of the holiday season.

We are in central MN visiting family. It is surprising how much later it gets light in the morning and how much earlier it gets dark at night here rather than in Madison. We are trying to enjoy the daylight as much as possible, but I think everyone is warmer and happier inside together.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who else does this??

Is anyone else willing to admit to this no no? Something your mom told you never to do .... playing with your food?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bath Time

Christine and I are looking over today's pictures of the two girls in the bath, and trying to think of what they would be saying if they could. Michaela gave Danielle a big hug and tried to unintentionally dunk her for the first time, but we were there.

Here are a couple of better pictures, with at least one of the girls looking at the camera.

Monday, December 8, 2008

We have our 'Tree Hugger' back

This is a picture of our little tree hugger at the Como Zoo in Minneapolis. After seeing the animals, Michaela was goofy in the parking lot before getting back in the car. As a result she thought it was fun to hug the trees, knock on doors, and shake peapods. Of course we were there to take at least one picture also.

We are enjoying having Michaela back in Madison and getting back to our comfortable routine. After a couple of rough nights, Michaela went to sleep tonight like she used to. No fuss, crying, or playing late into the night. We hope that she sleeps through the night and is happier tomorrow than today.

I am happy the week started again and to be back at school. Not very often do I prefer being away from home, but right now it is nice being at school, getting phone calls setting up interviews at the upcoming ASSA meetings in San Francisco, and not having the idle time worrying about the future.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Short memory

Danielle rolled over again the following day and Christine was there in daylight to get a better video. It was also the first time Christine was able to see Danielle roll over.

Unfortunately, Danielle is like many of us and has a short memory already forgetting how to roll over. She now arches her head back and looks straight up at things while laying on the floor. Who knows how long it will be before she puts 2 and 2 together and rolls over when she so desires.

Michaela came home last night also with Grandpa and Grandma Kallevig. She also has a short memory; as she forgot how to fall asleep and also sleep on her own. I had a rough night when she yelled for me every time she woke up. It is nice having her back though.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Late Night Triumph!

Why we are still up I have I am not sure, but I am glad we were.

We will see if Danielle is a quick learner. It only took 3 months to go from back to belly, hopefully it will take her less to go from belly to back.

Note to self, next time turn on all the lights in the room ..... our apartment is way too dark.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Google Reader

Props to Nate Tefft, who has made my life easier more than once by sharing parts of his wisdom!!

While home for Thanksgiving we talked about the blog. This is the first year we had one, and it was nice to know that people read it and feel like they know us better through it. I feel the same about our friends and family, even though we do not talk or get together all that often it is nice to know what is going on in everyone's lives.

Discussing the blog it was obvious that everyone has a different way of checking it and others, so I thought I would pass along Nate's wisdom to everyone......Google Reader. Visit the following website and set it up, it is well worth the time.

Use your google account (or set one up if you don't have one already) and "Add Subscription" for each websites that you are interested in checking on a regular basis. After setting it up log into Google reader and let it consolidate new postings so that you do not have to check all of them individually. On my google reader account I have birding blogs feeds, friends and family websites, and economic feeds.

If the only two websites that you check regularly are mine, you can still use google reader for and But more than likely you have a few others that you check also, the more you check the more this saves on time.


Thanksgiving was awesome, busy, and everywhich direction. We were able to see all four sides of the extended family, introducing Danielle to them all.

We left Wednesday morning at 5 am with Wilmar, MN our final destination to spend the night with my aunt and uncle and their family. Along the way we stopped at Como Zoo for a Michaela break and stretch. After the Twin Cities but before Wilmar we stopped in Paynesville to visit Dan and Renee and see their new house.

We then drove to Brookings, SD on Thursday, having Thanksgiving/Christmas with the Gackstetter family. I always look forward to this get together, as it often the only time we see this side of the family all year.

On Friday we headed back to Motley, MN for Thanksgiving/Christmas with the Gold family. Saturday the Swecker family came over in the morning for rolls and a few games of cards. Later that afternoon we headed to Wadena, MN where we stayed until Sunday for a Kallevig family get together to celebrate Great Grandma Eleanor's 90th birthday.

While we were getting ready to leave, John/Linda suggested leaving Michaela with the Grandparents for the week. Christine and I were extremely surprised, as this was the first offer which we thought to be legit and realistic. Most times we got the "leave her here for a month" comment. Anyways, long story short Michaela is in Minnesota for the week. We miss her greatly, but know that the Grandparents and Michaela enjoy the time together as well.

1300 miles later we are back home in Madison and were asleep before 11 Sunday night.