Thursday, May 28, 2015

First week of summer break

This is the first week our entire family is out of of course we are checking out parks, swimming, birding, and trying to sleep in. 

The birding lens got a few odd looks when I took pictures of kids 20 yards away from me.

After finding many this past weekend I challenged the girls to find a Cicada and Snail. Our Memorial Day walk at Wyandotte County Lake only revealed a Magicicada (a 17-year cycle Cicadea that will be providing a constant chainsaw buzz throughout Kansas and Missouri this summer. The girls enjoyed playing at at the park before we headed home.

We don't get many of these Oregon style days with blue skies and bright clouds, but we did on Tuesday! 

On Tuesday I asked the girls to come with to Heritage Park as Christine got tires on the Van. The trade-off was they needed to search for the snail before we would go to the playground. We were unsuccessful in finding a snail but we found a raccoon, rabbits, a singing Eastern Towhee, an inch worm, a slug, and this Ornate Box Turtle. After our walk the girls played at the park again. I think I see a pattern emerging that may be prevalent much of the summer.