Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The next generation in Canada

This past Friday we left central Minnesota mid-morning for Canada. There were no blog postings the previous week, but I expect everyone that reads this blog also follows Christine or myself on Facebook and were able to see their adventures this past week with family. This was our first trip to Canada as a family when the girls were old enough to participate and remember the journey. I was extremely excited the girls could join Grandpa Mike and Grandma Cindy near Morison Ontario as I continue to add to nearly 30 years of similar journies with my grandfather, uncle, and father. To help remember the trip we took photos both in Baudette MN and Rainy River ON.

Rainy River Canada

Family by Baudette MN Walleye

After quickly unpacking our van we all jumped in the boat and were fishing by late afternoon Friday. Michaela And Danielle we're excited for the opportunity and within a couple of minutes Michaela caught the first fish of the trip, a small walleye. We soon experienced another first for the girls, their first shore lunch. We didn't find many fish after dinner, but the girls enjoyed the stories of past fishing ventures. Seemingly someone had a fish on most of the day and we ended with nearly 50 fish, Michaela catching the largest of the day with a 20 inch walleye.

Michaela enjoying the sun during shore lunch

Grandpa Mike & Danielle Grandma Cindy & Michaela
The girls loved the time in the boat; they loved the rides, fishing, and grandparents.

Forecast for the weekend included heavy rain so dad and I left early Saturday morning, but returned a few hours later to get everyone else. Luckily the 4 women brought us better luck and we caught plenty of fish the next couple of hours. We even got all three of my women to hold walleyes!! We returned early afternoon before the rain showers and saw a little black bear walking along one of the islands.

Black Bear Us & Black Bear
We were fairly close to the black bear, coasting to only 25 yards or so before it ran away.
The girls even found the beach to go swimming. Heavy rain prohibited any additional fishing on Saturday but it didn't dampen our spirits. The girls enjoyed watching the movie Flipper and eating fish for the second day in a row.

Girls swimming

We were fishing early morning on Sunday but our luck changed with the evening lightning and rain. Fishing was slow and we decided to troll. Danielle cut the only northern, a well-behaved 24 inched that modeled the teeth nicely for them.

Danielle's Northern

Overall they saw walleye, sauger, black crappie, yellow perch, northern pike, and a small rock bass.
The girls even decided to thumb their first fish on the trip.
  It was a great trip.  Below are their journal entries....a bit overwhelmed but lots of good memories.

Michaela's entry
Danielle's entry

Thursday, June 18, 2015


And so it has begun.......

.....we are on a five week long massive road trip. Updates should be coming on a semi-regular basis as we progress from family-time in MN and Canada to road-trip west to family-time in OR to road-trip home.

We arrived late Wednesday night in central MN. We were welcomed by the MN state insect, the mosquito, in such numbers that would alter most people's definition of "they are bad" to "they aren't so bad". Here is Michaela modeling their welcoming greeting. 

Thursday we visited Great Grandma's farm. Michaela and Danielle both enjoyed the hay mow.

The girls also enjoyed visiting Grandpa Mike and Grandma Cindy's place adding their house warming present to their new addition.

We visited Christine's home town for a parade and each of the floats below were part of it.... eat your heart out Kansas City.



There is a lot of pride in small towns, even if the vehicles are a bit different. I often miss that feeling.
So I hope you get a couple of guest posts from Christine this coming week as I am at a conference..... let the summer vacation begin.