Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sickness & Wedding Pictures

After an exhausting Thanksgiving trip we are back in Marshfield. It was awesome to see everyone first in Willmar, then Brookings, then Motley, and finally in Staples. The girls loved the extra attention also.

Sickness has been spreading through our house. Danielle threw up three nights ago and Michaela followed the next night. Last night Christine was hugging porcelain and it wasn't from an all night binge. Hopefully I break the cycle and avoid it tonight as tomorrow I volunteer with my environmental economics class at a local wildlife area.

Derek and Kali, or at least Kali, gave permission for us to share their entire wedding pictures. The following link has all of our edited files for your viewing enjoyment.

The file size and print quality off of Picasa is limited, so if there are pictures that you like please send me an email and I can take care of it.

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