Thursday, June 13, 2013

A week in the life of Michaela & Danielle: June 13th 2013

Last night I wasn't to happy with my sister, but I still expected her to be in bed with me and dad when I woke up....but she wasn't! I woke up happy and went downstairs to watch cartoons.  When Michaela woke up we started talking and dad came downstairs a few minutes later.  I was so proud that I woke up first and that I was quiet!!!

With everyone awake we had yogurt, bananas, and mini blueberry bagels for breakfast. We went to the golf course this morning with our own special bag and clubs.  I filled the bucket of balls, but it was too heavy for me to carry.  Sister carried the bucket and I toke the sunscreen. All of us hit and putted on the green.  I'm really good at golf already, but Michaela is better at putting. A gentleman thought it was funny that we were giving dad a lesson and he let Michaela sit on his cart, but I was too scared.

I wanted Chinese for lunch but dad took us to HyVee. We shared chicken strips, mac and cheese, a roll, low mien, a crab Rangoon, and orange chicken.  Dad let us watch a Barbie Mermaid movie in the car on the way to Farmer's park.  At farmer's park we only saw three butterflies but Michaela caught one. We echoed in the tunnel, played on play sets, collected seeds, and rode the sheep but my tummy was a bit sore from eating too much and I learned what a pit toilet was.

We got home late in the afternoon and put on our swimsuits to play with the neighbors in their pool while dad mowed the yard. Michaela had a tough time choosing her favorite part of supper as she really liked the crescent rolls with Apple Butter as well as the Cheddar Bites, but I liked the cheese bites best.

Dad is so funny, he thinks he is being tough by forcing us to be polite but little does he know we are really controlling things. We stayed up to 10 last night and 9 tonight, and we get to sleep wherever we want!

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