Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Stockton Bucket List - Kayaking at Lake Lodge

We have truly enjoyed the kayak and canoe rentals at Lake Lodge and playing at Veterans Park.

This summer we were disappointed however to find out the park system is no longer letting children under 9 on their own watercraft. Both girls were looking forward to paddling themselves, as Michaela enjoyed it last summer and Danielle wanted to show how big she was and do it herself after being too small last summer.

We made a week long trek north spending a couple days in Canada fishing, biking, floating the river, and seeing friends and family.  When we returned to Winona a week ago we made it a priority to get out on the water again and talked our friends into meeting us for a night on the water.

This past weekend Steph, Jordan, and Kelsie spent a day visiting.

We were on top of the bluff when they arrived and after a quick shower we kayaking at Lake Lodge. Cooler than normal July temperatures kept many people away and there were enough kayaks for all of us to get out.

The rest of Jordan, Kelsie, and Steph's visit is on the next blog post.

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