Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Bath

Last night Christine gave Danielle a sponge bath. It was the loudest that she has cried since coming back from the hospital and the newborn screen's foot prick. Some of the newborn baby smell got washed away, but it was time. I thought about helping, but instead just took pictures.

We noticed that Danielle's belly button was loose last night before the bath. We were pleasantly surprised this morning to find that it fell during the night, which is a great even as neither Christine nor I care for that smell.

Michaela went to Minnesota with Dan and Linda, splitting the next week between the Kallevig Grandparents and the Gold Grandparents. She will come back to Madison with Grandma Cindy on Wednesday. Christine and I miss her greatly, but already have appreciated the quietness of having only a newborn at home.

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Micah said...

Ugh, I remember that umbilical-cord smell!