Monday, December 8, 2008

We have our 'Tree Hugger' back

This is a picture of our little tree hugger at the Como Zoo in Minneapolis. After seeing the animals, Michaela was goofy in the parking lot before getting back in the car. As a result she thought it was fun to hug the trees, knock on doors, and shake peapods. Of course we were there to take at least one picture also.

We are enjoying having Michaela back in Madison and getting back to our comfortable routine. After a couple of rough nights, Michaela went to sleep tonight like she used to. No fuss, crying, or playing late into the night. We hope that she sleeps through the night and is happier tomorrow than today.

I am happy the week started again and to be back at school. Not very often do I prefer being away from home, but right now it is nice being at school, getting phone calls setting up interviews at the upcoming ASSA meetings in San Francisco, and not having the idle time worrying about the future.

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Rachel said...

So cute! She looks just like Christine there. Good luck with your interviews!