Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My little girls

After the flurry of family visits last week and weekend, I am reminded of how lucky I am as a dad. I have two wonderful little girls and an awesome wife taking care of them. Michaela is still likes being a little girl. Most times when she wakes she likes to snuggle and asks for help eating. Why we still allow her to have us feed her I am not sure, but leave it such a simple task to remind you that you are desired and needed as a parent.

Michaela has really taken to being a big sister. When Danielle was crying out in the gardens Michaela tried to sooth her and make everything better. Moments like these make me completely okay with the lack of words and potty training. They almost offset the times when Michaela gets cranky at night and pushes Danielle over...I am just waiting for Danielle's payback.

I feel bad at how we noticed most every little thing with Michaela and take most of those things for granted with Danielle. Danielle has started to cling to us more and has become more shy with strangers. She is still very laid back and quickly warms up to almost everyone. This is her sizing up Great Grandpa Gold and Lael when they visited last week, she was a good sport.

I am guessing that Danielle will become more independent once she figures out how to crawl rather than scoot around, but until then it is okay with me if they stay my little girls.

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Jina said...

Those Pictures are beautiful! You have become quite talented with Photography. Those little girls will grow up so fast, why rush the independence right? Enjoy feeling needed! Congrats on your Graduation also!!