Monday, June 29, 2009

Dresses and Ice Cream

My mom requested a picture of both girls in their wedding dresses. In OUR confusion at the wedding a few days ago we failed to ask anyone to take our family picture and/or take a picture of the two girls all dressed up. Considering how much we like pictures of Michaela and Danielle, this request was one that both Christine and I were looking forward to.
So ... we went to Olbrich Gardens one abnormally hot humid afternoon this past week with one goal in mind, a picture of the two girls in their dresses.

Danielle has just begun to crawl on her hands and knees. Hopes for her to sit still, stand, or pose for a picture are almost always fulfilled. Michaela had something else in mind. With the hot weather Michaela had no intention of changing into her flower girl dress, posing, or even smiling for a snapshot. Asking her to change attire was met with screaming and emphatic expressions fitting of a two year old.

We took the dress with hoping that she would change into it later. After walking briefly outdoors Michaela threw a short fit wanting to return inside. Christine took the girls inside and came back outside with Michaela in her dress. I was completely shocked! How did that happen? Christine informed me that Michaela had unsuccessfully searched for the model trains (which were here in the winter) and afterwards was easily bribed into wearing her dress. A promise of ice cream on the way home was all it took.

We quickly took some pictures, trying not to test Michaela's short fuse. Her sunglasses seemed to help the situation. After pictures Michaela informed us that she wanted purple grape ice cream and Mommy, Daddy, and Danielle could share green ice cream. A stop at DQ for a grape and lemon-lime freeze and everyone returned home happy.


Jina said...

How sweet...Micheala I will do anything for ice cream too :)

Cindy Gold said...

Beautiful girls, thanks for taking the time (and energy) to do all that and share pictures with everyone! Gramma is missing her girls......can I come visit soon? They're growing fast and changing so much.
Love, Gramma Cindy

Aubrey said...

The shades are pretty sweet! :) You have such adorable girls!

Steph said...

What a great pic and such good memories of the wedding day that they wore these dresses! I miss all of you!