Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Month Has Passed

When you are busy time flies. I often fail to recognize that some or all of these moments might pass me by, unless I take the effort to recognize them specifically or have family visit which helps remind of them.

This past weekend Grandma Cindy visited much to the happiness and desire of the girls. We all appreciated her visit, and I am thankful for these moments.

1) Danielle decided this past weekend to take major progression towards walking, taking more thana couple of steps back and forth between Grandma, Mom, and myself.

2) Little projects turn into great memories when you do them with family. Thank you to Aunt Aubrey for sending the pumpkin cat!

3) When you fall and feel blue, a kind shoulder can be great comfort.

4) You gotta share the good stuff, candy for everyone.

5) Having the cat by the tail is enlightening for all ages.

6) It's never too early to dress up in Halloween costumes, especially when Grandma is watching.

7) Having a cat by the tail is enlightening, but it is just pure joy when you have your sister by the tail.

8) Even in pretend, tickling is fun.

9) As a father of girls and husband it is completely great to see the resemblance in all of your girls.

10) After a week of decisions and a tired brain, having someone else make a decision for you is nice. Thank you to Christine and Mom for deciding that I would install a recessed medicine cabinet in the bathroom, I am happy it is done and the bit of manual carpentry work felt good.

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Aubrey said...

Loved your entry! You"re right about sometimes needing a different perspective. CANNOT wait to see you guys next month!!!