Friday, November 6, 2009

A Walk in the Wildwood Park

After coming home from the Mead WA today, we took the girls for a walk at Wildwood Park. We were eagerly greeted by the a disappointed population of Mallards, Black ducks, and Canada Geese looking for handouts. Christine adjusted the Kelty backpack carrier for herself this week while raking leaves and volunteered to carry Danielle and push Michaela in the stroller tonight. While I never feel bad carrying or pushing either or both of the girls, having binoculars and camera instead was pretty darn nice. Michaela did not want to wear her jacket, even though it was only 50, using it as a blanket until sunset.

Wildwood Park has a wide diversity of activities, including the zoo, playground, pool, as well as walking trails. There is a small herd of elk in northern Wisconsin but this view of a cornfield, farmstead, and captive elk is probably more commonly seen. We did see a bit of wild wildlife, when Christine noticed the movement of a Great Horned Owl.

I've never been much of an artistic person, but I could not help myself when I saw the warm sky colors reflecting in a slow moving stream. A three second exposure gave quite the contrast between the solid rocks on the left and fluid bubbles on the right.

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