Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reindeer, Doorknobs, & Finals

If you guessed, "What are the weekend activities of a new home-owning professor with young children at Christmas time" you should be on Jeopardy.

Main street Marshfield, a non-profit group, is working at drawing people back to newly renovated central avenue. Last night we went for a horse drawn buggy ride. It was quite possibly the coldest night in the past 10 months. Today, in much warmer weather, we visited three reindeer. The girls loved both sets of animals.

The last six doorknobs are installed downstairs. No more concern of Michaela or Danielle locking us out of a room. Menards had a $4 rebate on $6 closet doorknobs, so it was time to change them all to matching silver.

Marshfield had 8-10 inches of snow Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. A stiff wind made plenty of drifts and bad driving conditions Wednesday. I went in to campus to work a bit, not surprisingly it was very quiet.

I am not sure when I will get caught up, so for the time being this is the only other picture I have looked at/edited out of 24 days of photos. Since Tuesday night.


Aubrey said...

As a fellow homeowner: yay to matching doorknobs. As a fellow parent: yay to carriage rides and making other memories. As your sister: yay! We sure have cute girls! :)

Steph said...

I was a few postings behind so it was fun to catch up...I agree, you both sure have cute girls. sounds like the household doorknobs will be safer for all. Stay warm and enjoy the bright lights and glow of the season! See you soon, love you all!