Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dried Beef on Toast

Tonight the girls experienced a first. Christine cooked Dried Beef on Toast, a basic cream sauce with dried beef.

Normally Danielle will eat everything, but tonight she clearly spit out the meal on three occasions. Christine warmed up some left-over spaghetti that Danielle finally decided to eat that with a bit of my help. Both girls are feeling better, but have lingering coughs and stuffy noses.

Normally Michaela will avoid anything new, but tonight she was either confused or living on the wild side. She immediately told us she did not like the dried beef pieces on her plate. We told her the white sauce was like cheese, so she did try the toast with sauce. I asked and gave her a piece of toast with a chunk of beef on it next, and to our surprise she ate and liked it. Almost two pieces of toast later, Michaela is a fan of dried beef on toast. The only problem we encountered is that Michaela did not want to call it dried beef on toast, it was still mac-n-cheese.

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