Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break

A week ago Wednesday we traveled back to central Minnesota for an long weekend over my Spring Break. I had the week off from teaching, so we pulled Michaela from school for two days and headed back to extended family for rest and relaxation.

On the drive back Wednesday, we stopped at Como Zoo briefly. Unfortunately the zoo is only open until 4pm in March, and we arrived at 3:45. We still had plenty of time to see the cats and monkeys; but unfortunately we could not find the real giraffes.

We ate supper with Dave and Liza in Fridley. They are alot of fun to visit and they were absolutely amazing with the girls. Michaela and Danielle enjoyed their pets, and we greatly appreciated their hospitality.

Thursday morning we visited Lisa and Elizabeth in Wadena. as Michaela had been asking for Elizabeth since Christmas. Danielle was sick and spent much of the day on my hip while Christine made a lemon birthday cake for my parents. Thursday night we returned to Staples to see Coleen and Leroy, who were visiting from Alaska. Michaela and Elizabeth played so hard that Michaela took an hour and half nap, and she struggled to wake enough to play that night.

Friday and Saturday we lounged around Wadena at Christine's parents. The girls enjoyed time with their grandparents, while Christine and I relaxed and enjoyed time away from work. I thoroughly enjoyed avoiding doing anything class related for four days!

While at Dan and Linda's we cleaned all but one of their dozen birdhouses. The last would have been cleaned, but Christine got quite a surprise when she grabbed it. A flying squirrel quickly exited the house and attached itself to the nearby birch tree. Everyone came outside to get a view of this nocturnal rodent. I cannot tell from the pictures if it is a Northern flying squirrel or Southern flying squirrel, as the belly hair color indicates Northern but the of trees indicate Southern.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday we were in Staples. Michaela and Danielle love spending time with either set of grandparents. Dad, Christine, and I cut a load of wood Sunday afternoon. It was the first time I saw Dad's impressive hydraulic trailer in action.

We were able to drive straight through from Staples to Marshfield on the return trip. Michaela and Danielle were both in the middle of an ugly viral infection, which made for some weird sleeping arrangements. Luckily they are feeling better now, but in the process did pass it along to both of us as well as both parents and Lisa and Elizabeth. Oh well, who knew that would be the cost of visiting?


Aubrey said...

The family that plays together...gets sick together! :) I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful visit. Missin' you SOMETHING FIERCE!

Steph said...

What a wonderful time away! I love all the pics. I am really curious though what Chris and Co were discussing! Hope you are all better and look forward to seeing everyone at the wedding. Love,

Cindy Gold said...

Again, Thank you for the wonderful visit. We love having you come home :-) and getting to spend time together. I'm glad to hear the girls are getting better; they were little troopers even though they were sick. I'm looking forward to my visit next weekend. Love, Mom