Monday, October 18, 2010

North Dakota Hunting

We had wonderful weather in North Dakota for duck hunting this past weekend. Warm weather, wind, and a few birds on almost every pond made for great comfortable hunting. Everyone shot some ducks but shot at many more. This was the first year that Steven joined us for the family get together and I hope that it is the first of many.

I learned of and was reminded of a few things on this trip.
  1. Chandler is a pretty good shot.
  2. Men in Binford ND must be really tall, that or the plumber had trouble with the installation in the bar.
  3. Steven's hunting day is Saturday, but on Sunday he gives the ducks a break.
  4. I can give my dad a piggyback ride.
  5. The water is still cold when it goes over the boots and waders.
  6. Dad is still an awesome shot.
  7. Spending a day hunting with family is wonderful.


Wahyu Wijanarko said...

Hi, i'm just blogwalking :)

In Indonesia, we call duck as "angsa" or "bebek"

steph said...

We missed hearing from you; sound wonderful! Am so glad Steven could join you... happy fall to all! Love,

Cindy Gold said...

Wonderful memories, those are what help to make a happy life. Dad had a blast and enjoyed every minute of the trip, Love Mom Gold

Aubrey said...

Loved your insight; they definitely put a smile on my face! From Steven's comments, he LOVED making it home for the weekend.