Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st Trip to Stevens Point

Today we bummed around Stevens Point. The first stop was the Children's Museum. Christine and the girls hopped out of the car and spent an hour there while I went looking for birds.

After I spent the better part of an hour I joined the girls at the Children's Museum. No great finds, but a nice variety of waterfowl and a flyover by a Peregrine Falcon. The girls love the place and went their own directions with two parents to look after each alone.

Michaela asked to go to the BIG McDonalds. The girls played at this location a while back, but were scared by the play area and ended up in tears during the last visit. This time they did well and went down both slides. Michaela was a real pro and a wonderful big sister, helping Danielle climb one particularly challenging step routinely to reach the top of the green slide. She earned an extra story tonight, which actually turned into three extra stories when the time arrived.

After returning home I realized that we've never transferred any photos from Christine's phone to the computer. Thus here is a slideshow of some phone pics. There is even one that begs the question of nature versus nurture...of Michaela holding a .....snake! (Don't look at this link if it will gross you out, it is removed from the slideshow though.)


Aubrey said...

Love love love the new pictures! Can't wait to love on my nieces in a couple weeks. And way to go on the snake Michaela! (Good job Mom & Dad!)

Steph said...

Wonderful pictures--and what a great place for all of you to visit! I know that Michaela is more brave than I would be! Love to you all,