Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last 3 Weeks

The spring semester had just finished and we packed up the car and headed back to central MN for a visit that coincided with Aubrey & Abi's MN visit.

Michaela and Danielle loved playing with Abi. The time with extended family and grandparents was awesome, as both girls love the attention and activity. The three girls were busy and on the go, but did well together and Grandma Cindy is absolutely amazing juggling/watching all of them at once. Christine and I were able to take in movie even, and watched Thor in Brainerd one weeknight.

We spent the week lounging around and visiting with many people, going to the park, finishing grades, and relaxing. Michaela and Danielle have picked up our interest in birds and our quite often curious about any animal outside. This chickadee was patient enough to let Michaela get approach and have a close-up look.

Christine and the girls spent one morning with the extended Kallevig family at a bounce house in St Cloud. Grandma Linda, Lisa, Renee, Christine and the seven kids had a great time playing inside while avoiding the spring showers.

Friday of that week Christine and I hoped in the car with my parents and headed to Canada for a Memorial Day fishing with John and Judy Bentler. Christine had not been there for five years, so it was especially nice that she joined us in the boat. We caught plenty of fish, enjoying fresh fish each night before playing up & down the river. A great big thank you to Dan and Linda for watching the girls over the weekend!

We came home Tuesday after Memorial Day in time for Michaela to enjoy the last two days of school. She has enjoyed the time with her class, making new friends and learning along the way. We'll miss the opportunity for Danielle to join a similar class next year if we were still in Marshfield, but will be looking for other options in Winona.

We met with a Realtor on Wednesday and drew up the paperwork for
listing the house. This week on Monday a photographer came to take pictures for a virtual tour, and on Tuesday was the new listing caravan day...with the first showing right before it. We spent much of the weekend rearranging three rooms in the house and cleaning. If you've been to our house before you can see the old toy room, our bedroom, with Danielle's old room being the new toy room in the rearrangement.

The past weekend Marshfield had Dairyfest, so we enjoyed the festivities during the day and worked on the house at night. Christine took the neighbor girls on the carnival rides Friday night....she loves the rides! Saturday we went to a parade, the fairgrounds and a pony ride, and the zoo. Five hours in the warm sun tired us all out. Sunday we took the girls on some of the carnival rides as well, with Michaela and Danielle trying out four different rides. The traveling roller coaster was the least preferred, but Ferris Wheel, carousel, and tee-pot rides were a hit.

We finally ordered and received a point & shoot digital camera. We've been looking at them for quite a while, as we love the Nikon DSLRs but miss the freedom of not carrying the large cameras with when pictures are only a convenience. The camera came in handy when Christine took the girls shopping on Tuesday. Michaela's first time to the hair salon, she did great...but when they came home Danielle found a scissors and started cutting her hair! She wanted her hair cut too! So, needless to say both girls have their hair cut :)

I've been trying to wrap everything up before we move, and get caught up with other projects. One of lowest on the list is editting pictures. I am slowly getting caught up, with over 500 pictures uploaded last night with a
2011 album and 2010 album. The worse part is there are still snapshots from Dave & Liza's wedding that I have not got to...I'm sorry! Here are some 2010-2011 comparisons.

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