Thursday, June 21, 2012

Great River Ridge Trail

This afternoon we rode part of the Great River Ridge paved bike trail.  We hopped on the trail near Eyota and rode 8 miles to Elgin, where the girls enjoyed an orange push-up before returning to the vehicle. 

This is the longest distance the girls have ridden their tag-alongs and near the end they were tired.  I felt similar, as the recently purchased 20 inch 7.2FX bike wore me out more than the 22.5 inch one I've been riding the past two years.

In case anyone is wondering, the new banner is from the top of the bluff at John Latsch State Park near Winona.  It is one of the recently edited pictures from last fall in this album.  This link gives a cool virtual tour of the views from the trail at Latsch SP.

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