Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Fun: Outdoor Projects

Between camping, biking, kayaking, the state parks, both extended families we found time to complete outdoor and indoor projects at home. 

With help from my mom at Easter, Christine added flower gardens to the south side of the house and around the propane tank.  The existing flower bed on the north side of the house received extra plants as well.  It has been a learning experience with our own flowers. I just recently pulled weeds that turned out to be FLOWERS. During the summer heatwave the best looking plant was velvet leaf WEED!  Luckily an informed uncle identified the plant and we pulled it.  Michaela modeled its heights below before it quickly wilted.

After a couple months of flower beds, we edged them bricks found at a garage sale and ones left behind by the previous owners.


We finished the edges off with needed bricks from Menards, and happily only had to redo one edge. Michaela and Danielle are frequent visitors to Menards and prefer the outdoor garden area.

We added pavers to the east side of the garage to provide a somewhat level area to park the pop-up trailer and laid matching pavers as a small patio. The small patio replaced hard dirt that sparsely grew any grass. The other pavers replaced grass that had died when we parked the pop-up in the same location last year. Sod from the local farm has filled in the edges around the pop-up trailer parking spot nicely after a month of watering.

With a bit of sweat a few new tools we finished these projects. A new butterfly flower garden around the electric boxes remains for this fall on the to-do list.

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