Sunday, September 16, 2012

West Coast Journey: Part II - Butterflies and Horses

One of the days there we decided to go to the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo.  Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures at the rodeo that night, but I assure you, fun was had by all of us.  It was a bit late though for Michaela and Danielle and they actually wanted to go home just before it was done.  Two hours later in time than Minnesota and a late start time equals VERY tired kids :)  Oh well!

The fair was earlier in the day and we got to walk around and see all the animals and one of Malcolm and my favorites was the butterfly garden.  It was the first butterfly exhibit that I had went to that actually had you feed the butterflies and had q-tips available for you to place the butterflies on your skin.  It was super-cool!

I get a kick out of the pics of Michaela and Danielle because they TOTALLY show they're personalities.  Notice the ones of Michaela where she has the look of complete concentration, then the brave face when she is trying to smile, but not quite sure that she likes the butterfly on her.  Then you take Danielle whose every emotion shows on her face.  I get such a kick out of my girls, what a hoot!


We also got to take all the girls on pony rides compliments of Grandma.  Thank you Grandma, the girls loved it!!


Fair Pics:


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Steph said...

Loved all of your pics and news! Sure loved being able to be a part of the Oregon weekend. Hugs to you all.