Monday, May 20, 2013

Neighborhood kids

We are blessed with wonderful neighbors.  Many of them have kids that love playing with Michaela and Danielle, which means that Christine has turned into a community mom figure. This weekend she had an impromptu picnic when the neighbors were putting in a new front door.  The umbrellas protected the kids from the warm sun. 

Our great friends little girl is at our place after school a couple days a week, with a variety of normal activities planned for various weekdays.  Today we came home right after school. The girls played on the neighbor's playhouse as I mowed the backyard. Afterwards all the girls came inside to play a game on Kinect.  Below is Michaela playing a boxing game for the first time.

With the summer nearing we are going to make sure to enjoy out neighbors and friends before we move.  We will miss them.

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