Friday, August 1, 2014

King Tut Exhibit

When we got to king Tut mom asked "Was it you or Danielle that thought they wouldn't like King Tut?"  I said, "Danielle".  When we got there asked "Can we go see something different?" Then Dad and Danielle went downstairs and we got headphones that tell you about King Tut as we walked through (the exhibits). 
Then we went to a show that tells you about King Tut and the people who found where the mummy of King Tut was buried.  (Carter) looked for a long, long, long time before they found the treasure and mummy. 
All of the rooms were mostly filled with gold to help the King after he was dead.  He was buried deep, deep, deep in the ground.  They had to take off a bunch of coffins because he was buried inside all of them.  Then they put it on a boat that was on the Nile River to go to the museum.
They found more than one treasure! 

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