Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Week - Tuesday: St Louis

A month ago I attended a three day conference in Saint Louis. I'm thankful for the wonderful job and fortunate the family tagged along during their Fall Break.

We checked in the conference hotel, which was right next to the Gateway Arch.  I hurried off to spend the rest of the day in sessions, with Christine and the girls exploring.

Their first stop was the Saint Louis Science Center.  

It isn't too hard to see the similarities between Michaela and Danielle.  Click here to be surprised at how one of them looks!

Their facial expressions reveal common emotions.
They went to the Saint Louis Zoo the morning of the second day.  

Both girls loved the goats.

Do sculptures really scream, "Climb on US!!!" to kids passing by?   

Late that afternoon I skipped the association's business meeting (Which was acceptable as a non-board member) and joined the three girls to visit the Gateway Arch.

Unfortunately we failed to get an entire family photo.  This photo has us a bit closer, but is not as fun.
The ride to the top was fairly quick, not very expensive, and a wonderful memory even if it was crowded. 

The view from the small windows had my body doing very abnormal things, but seemingly had no effect on Danielle. 

On our walk back to the hotel Michaela and Danielle gazed at the horse drawn carriages. They didn't get a ride as we had somewhere else to go that night, but they did get their picture taken.  Danielle even received a little kiss and nudge as well.

I'm thankful Christine took photos, as I was unable to share these memories with them. Luckily, my conference ended late morning of the third day and we had most of the last day together.

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