Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Break - Wildlife

Like many others, we face the challenge of transferring pictures from camera to computer and sharing pictures quickly. I'm amazed how some individuals are able to edit photos (or more likely just take them correctly in camera) and/or share instantly.  We don't have that skillset nor the equipment to do so, and now almost four weeks after returning from our Texas Spring Break road trip you get to see edited DSLR photos. This is the first post on this topic of three, the two posts coming are one on birds from the overall trip and a post on birds from March 17th...a day that exceeded all or Malcolm's birding expectations. 


Many of the animals we saw were during one morning at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. A lumbering raccoon ran down the road in front of us before we saw the species below.

This American Bullfrog was massive and was the size of a grapefruit. Surrounding grass shook when it moved.
We saw a number of American Alligator's along the Shoveler Pond drive.

We also saw plenty at Houston Audubon's Smith Oaks Sanctuary in High Island. Two visits allowed us to not only see nest building birds but also lizards and a swamp rabbit. 

Swamp Rabbit
The swamp rabbit is closely related to the eastern cottontail.
We could have spent more time exploring here, but the beach was calling to us.

We took the ferry ride between Galveston and Bolivar twice and saw dolphins both times.

It's okay to take pictures of Dolphins, just not the ferry equipment I guess!
We kept looking for wildlife while driving but only found cows, horses, and two amazing metal chickens.  One was in a person's yard and we didn't stop, but the other was in a more public setting at a Cafe.


Mick McHugh said...

What a great memory for the future, this will get better as years go by. Love the metal chicken.Mick McHugh

Gramma Cindy said...

love the colorful metal chicken and even more so the two colorful little chick in front of it.