Thursday, June 18, 2015


And so it has begun.......

.....we are on a five week long massive road trip. Updates should be coming on a semi-regular basis as we progress from family-time in MN and Canada to road-trip west to family-time in OR to road-trip home.

We arrived late Wednesday night in central MN. We were welcomed by the MN state insect, the mosquito, in such numbers that would alter most people's definition of "they are bad" to "they aren't so bad". Here is Michaela modeling their welcoming greeting. 

Thursday we visited Great Grandma's farm. Michaela and Danielle both enjoyed the hay mow.

The girls also enjoyed visiting Grandpa Mike and Grandma Cindy's place adding their house warming present to their new addition.

We visited Christine's home town for a parade and each of the floats below were part of it.... eat your heart out Kansas City.



There is a lot of pride in small towns, even if the vehicles are a bit different. I often miss that feeling.
So I hope you get a couple of guest posts from Christine this coming week as I am at a conference..... let the summer vacation begin.

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