Thursday, July 7, 2016

Collared Lizards

On June 29th the family packed up and traveled west to Mt. Mitchell Heritage Prairie, an Audubon of Kansas Wildlife Sanctuary and Property, in search of Eastern Collared Lizards. Friends had shared their photos from recent visits and I was truly excited to have the girls to observe them as well.  Here is a short video detailing their visit, with the video taken on July 1st.

As you heard in the video, we were able to see Eastern Collared Lizards and everyone got in on the photo taking. Click on any of the photos to enlarge and see greater details.

Collared Lizard Fans and Paparazzi!
We came home with over 1900 digital files, most of them being of the Eastern Collared Lizards.

 Eastern Collared Lizard #02 de

Eastern Collared Lizard #13 de Eastern Collared Lizard #11 de
The lizards are quite tolerant of humans, giving photo opportunities to everyone. These are Danielle's photos!!

With three DSLR cameras being utilized there was a premium on the lighter 70-300mm ED lens.  It is quite a bit lighter than the 300mm F4 AF lens which quickly tired the girls with its weight.  Luckily the girls shared fairly well.

Eastern Collared Lizard #01 mm Eastern Collared Lizard #07 mm

Eastern Collared Lizard #12 mm Eastern Collared Lizard #04 mm
These are Michaela's photos!!

We walked around the prairie picking up the chigger bites and saw a few other animals as well.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 
The Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher is large and flashy and captivated everyone's attention. Danielle's photo is on the right.

Common Checkered-Skipper Promachus vertebratus
A few insects such as this Common Checkered Skipper (Left) and Giant Robber Fly (right)

In addition we saw a few other butterflies such as Variegated Fritillaries and Little Yellow as well as an unidentified caterpillar but decent photos escaped our lenses.

We even took a few photos of ourselves.

Danielle wanted to take a video of the lizards as well so we pulled out the tripod and they helped created the video below.  Click on the settings in the lower right to change to HD for more detail.

Below are a more edited photos that Christine or I took.

Eastern Collared Lizard #06
The lizards are calm enough to take the above photo with a 50mm lens (approximately the size of eyesight)!

Eastern Collared Lizard #05

Eastern Collared Lizard #09

Eastern Collared Lizard #17
We took a few composite photos, which reveal more details if viewed at original size or as a massive sized print.

Eastern Collared Lizard #15 Eastern Collared Lizard #14
For a short while two of them were next to each other.

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